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Young people take on plastic pollution using creativity and tech skills

Ask any young person what their most pressing concerns are about the world today, and chances are that plastics in the ocean is going to be near the top. It’s not just the “David Attenborough effect” – the data is grim: eight million tonnes of plastic ends up in the sea each year and only 10% of the 300 million tons of plastic produced globally each year is recycled.

Kids are keen to find solutions to this problem. At one summer camp, they’ll be learning future skills that will help them face generational challenges: critical thinking, problem-solving, collaboration, and the tech skills that can allow young people to raise awareness on a global level, and find ingenious ways to make a difference.

Fire Tech runs holiday camps that bring kids and teens together with university student mentors to learn to create and work on challenges using tech skills that they probably aren’t learning at school. After teaching 12,000 courses to 9-17-year-olds, Fire Tech know that children are motivated to learn when they work towards a goal.

This summer the kids in London, Manchester, Edinburgh, and around the country will be creating video games that raise awareness, engineering robots that can deal with the physical repercussions of plastic pollution, creating inventions that can monitor environmental data, and that’s just the start. Given a problem, the creativity the young people bring to bear is impressive. Let’s not forget that the recent global climate protest was started by Greta Thunberg, a fifteen-year-old girl from Sweden. Fuelled with tech superpowers, these kids can take on the world’s most pressing problems.

Fire Tech’s Founder and CEO, Jill Hodges said, “This is an issue that young people are worried about and they want to be part of the solution. We are giving them the skills and the community to take this on, and to share their ideas. We’ll be highlighting their work through the sessions and picking a few of the most creative and inventive projects to reward at the end of the summer. We hope this will be an opportunity for kids and teens to engage with tech, for good.”

And the kids? They love getting their hands dirty, working on real projects, sharing their results with friends and family. In fact, research shows that challenge-based learning leads to better retention and more “ownership” of the knowledge. It’s such a different environment when kids are asking for the information that will help them solve a real problem – whether that’s creating a scoring system for a game (about the environment? Two for one!) or thinking about how a robot would detect and collect plastics. These are future skills, equipping young people for the world they’ll be navigating, and letting them get involved with the challenges facing their generation. The bonus is that they get to do it in a fun environment, with inspiring class leaders and a ton of new friends that share their passions.

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Fire Tech offers tech-focussed extra-curriculars in 13 locations around the UK this summer and throughout the year. Fire Tech teaches coding, robotics, design, and digital media to 7-17-year-olds, embedding social and emotional skills in 20+ challenge-focused courses. For more information or to be contact

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