Why should my child learn 3D game design with Unreal Engine?

If your child is interested in a career in working in the games industry, you’ll most likely want to offer them a head start. It’s important they should be learning the newest and most cutting-edge tools used in game design today, especially if they’re interested in developing next-gen console games such as those for the PlayStation 5 or the Xbox series X. In this blog post, we explain a platform called Unreal Engine, which we use to teach future game designers, by teaching them the essential skills and enabling them to bring their imaginations to life.

Why is using Unreal Engine perfect for young learners?

Since the latest version of Unreal Engine has just been freshly released in early 2021, you can be sure that it should remain an industry mainstay for at least 6 years; this means it is the best time for your kids to start learning it, getting a leg up on the competition and kick starting their careers after they finish school, is right now! 

Unreal Engine is both useful for those who want to make AAA titles, due to its raw power, but also for those who want to make smaller or independent games, due it its generous licensing scheme (developers who license the Unreal Engine don’t have to pay royalties until they have made over a million dollars in revenue – so anyone can have a go!). So, whether your kids have their heart set on working for a large famous game studio, or they want to make innovative independent titles themselves, mastering Unreal Engine 5 is a good place to kick start their dreams.

What is Unreal Engine?

Unreal Engine (now in its fifth iteration) is used to make some of today’s biggest, best-selling, and graphically sophisticated games. It is the product of Epic Games, who are best known by people outside the games industry as the developers of Fortnite, a game your kids will definitely be familiar with: it’s the most played video game on the planet, with 350 million registered accounts and 3.8 billion consecutive days played by gamers around the world.

So, what exactly is an Engine?

A game engine is a development tool that allows game developers to build more sophisticated games more quickly, by importing their own assets and game content or modifying the engine slightly to suit their needs. Before engines, all games were written as singular entities, but as games became more complex, especially with transitioning from 2D to 3D, it became necessary for developers to build an engine first, and then design the game inside it. This engine could then be licenced out to other developers and usually became more profitable than the original games they were built to design! 

Hundreds of games titles to date have been made inside of the Unreal engine, including critically acclaimed series such as Deus Ex. Borderlands and Mortal Kombat. If you ask your kids what their favourite 3D game is, there is a good chance it might have been made with the Unreal Engine!

So why is it… Unreal?

Unreal began as a brand of first-person shoot ‘me up (FPS) released in 1998 that had to compete with a series called Quake by ID software. As a spiritual sequel to Doom, Quake was the first FPS to be rendered fully in 3D and cemented its place as one of the most popular video game series of the 1990s. When Epic games set out to make Unreal, Quake 2 had already been released to huge critical acclaim, and they knew they had to bring something very special to the table. They wanted to design best looking and most immersive FPS game the world had ever seen, and it had to look so good that people wouldn’t believe their eyes, it would look “Unreal”. To make this game, they needed to build the worlds most sophisticated engine to develop it in. Unreal didn’t disappoint, it was released to rave reviews who were stunned by its amazing graphics and technical sophistication. 23 years later, Unreal Engine 5 is still at the centre of cutting-edge game design and pushing graphics to the limit!

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