What’s an Arduino? – Josh explains

Our tutor Josh, a mechanical engineering student at Imperial College London, explains what’s involved on our Arduino course.

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What is an Arduino?

The Arduino is a small electronics board that bridges the gap between electronics hardware and software.

Building with Arduino combines creative, technology, and engineering skills.

Sounds technical. How is it fun?

Kids begin to see how everyday items function. Things like scooters, game controllers and robots are created through this combination of hardware and software.

Campers find it empowering to take something complex and break it down into simple components.

Why is it important to learn?

The skills kids learn are applicable to everything technology related, and opens the door to all forms of engineering and computing.

How does the course work?

The aim is to build circuitry that we can control with a software program.

We introduce technical concepts reinforced by practical projects in an interactive class environment. Kids then explore what they can create with the kit.

This hands on approach is a great way to learn.

Kids develop their own project for half the week. Then on Friday, there is an exhibition to show off their hard work and what they have learnt – a great experience for both kids and parents!

What do children leave with?

They leave with an understanding of programming and how to build electronics hardware.

In the past teens have built a re-programmable door alarm system and wireless multiplayer games as their final project.

Why do you teach at Fire Tech?

I teach at Fire Tech because it sees kids develop a passion for what they learn. They explore technology in a hands on and exciting way.

I have always loved teaching. I taught in cadets throughout school and was a GCSE and A level maths and physics tutor for a number of years.

Coming to a tech camp for the first time can be overwhelming, how do you make sure children don’t feel left out?

From the beginning we encourage the kids to communicate and help each other with projects and problems.

In the classroom the 1:8, tutor to child, ratio fosters a close community atmosphere for the week.

We have regular breaks and encourage campers to mingle.

Although they’re normally so engrossed in their work that it’s hard to pull them away!

Fire Tech will soon be opening our Arduino courses for easter and summer. Sign up here to the mailing list if you would like to be updated about these courses. 



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