Update: The UK Government is Full-Speed Ahead on Tech Education and Sector Investment

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With the recent lack of commitment in secondary schooling computer science education and the government’s response to the need for more technology investment, we thought we’d give you our thoughts on the government’s focus and how Fire Tech supports the initiative.

So what’s going on with tech in our schools?

  1. 54% of secondary schools in England did not offer GCSE computer science in 2015-16
  2. The biggest issue is the lack of skilled teachers
  3. Only 11% of students in England took GCSE computer science
  4. In 2017 only 20% of GCSE candidates in the subject were female and the figure fell to 10% at A-level
  5. The Royal Society, the UK’s independent scientific academy, added to the pressure on the government concerned about how the lack of computing expertise will affect the future workforce initiated  

Across the world of computing education there’s agreement on one thing – more money needs to be spent on training teachers. But the need to increase digital skills in UK schools is not the only problem. The government also needs to invest in the existing workforce. Chancellor Philip Hammond recently responded to these criticisms with a commitment to additional UK tech investment emphasising his desire to secure Britain’s position as a world leader in technology and innovation.

“A new tech business is founded in Britain every hour, and I want that to be every half hour,” said Chancellor Hammond.

So, Here’s What you Need to Know about the Government’s Tech spending:

  1. More money for AI (£75m) to support start-ups and PhD students
  2. Development of 5G networks (£160m)
  3. £100m for an additional 8,000 fully qualified computer science teachers supported by a new National Centre for Computing
  4. A £60m investment in computer education over the next five years

Generally speaking, it’s a great start; but there is still a long way to go to keep up with global technology advancements and innovation. Investing in the younger generation now will ensure our commitment and advancement in tech and innovation for the future.  Fire Tech’s courses can help. We fully support the UK’s investment technology initiatives, but can also supplement and complement your child’s tech education today.



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