These new courses could unearth the game designers of the future

Fire Tech is proud to announce the launch of two brand new coding and game design courses to support young people in learning the technologies that are shaping the world around us. Course topics include ‘Python With Minecraft’ and ‘Making Video Games With Python’, and will be running online this October Half-Term so students can join and learn from wherever they are!

Leading the way in game design

As the world has become more reliant on remote settings, new technologies, and virtual worlds, video games have become more popular than ever. Video games enchant us with curiosity and exploration. They can transport us to different worlds without the typical limits of physical movement. With the video game industry’s growing popularity, the demand for quality Video Game Designers has also increased. 

Jill Hodges, founder, and CEO of Fire Tech started the company 8 years ago when she realised that she couldn’t find a way for her own kids to learn about tech skills, either in or out of school. Existing courses only seemed to teach Microsoft Office! She wanted to provide a place where kids like them could get their hands dirty and experiment with a wide range of technology concepts.

Now, Fire Tech has helped over 80,000 young people across the world to create and experiment with technology, potentially launching them as the future innovators, technologists, and digital leaders the world needs.

Introducing two brand new courses

Minecraft with Python code overlaid

1. Python & Minecraft

Python With Minecraft – Week Long (ages 12-17)

Minecraft is an engaging environment that allows fans of all ages to exercise their creative powers, make exciting worlds and populate them with creatures and objects. One of the neat features of Minecraft is that it is possible to “hack” the Minecraft game with real Python code. Our students use Python to automate the building of huge structures, code shortcuts, and build a “game within the game”.

2. Video Game Design & Python

Making Video Games With Python (ages 10-12)

Whether you’re taking your first steps into text-based programming, or you’ve already done some basic coding, you’ll find our new Making Games with Python course highly entertaining and informative. Python is one of the world’s most popular programming languages and video games are pretty popular too! Combine them both and you’ve got the recipe for the perfect learning experience.

About Fire Tech

Fire Tech’s mission is to give young people the tools and inspiration to become the tech creators, makers, and leaders of the future. We have delivered over 80,000 learning experiences to young people across the world. Courses include Python & Java coding, AI, game design, and digital media production. Each workshop is designed to teach young people future skills such as design thinking, collaboration, and problem-solving. All of our programmes are taught by tech-savvy teachers from some of the UK’s leading universities. 

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