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The Future Of Work & The Benefits Of Virtual Work Experience

What does the future of work look like?

Before the pandemic, the conversation around the future of work was centered around how technology would replace many jobs and how work forces would need to be creative to shape new relevant roles.

When the pandemic hit, it transformed people’s relationships to work overnight. Now, the conversation is more focused on the workforce quickly mastering remote technologies, becoming flexible, and more entrepreneurial.

What does this mean for young people looking to join the workforce in the next few years?

There was already a need pre-pandemic for young people joining the workforce to understand technology: why it was made, how it was designed, and what applications it has on the world around us.

Since the national and global lockdowns began, the work from home situation means that employee independence is expected, and communication within the team is key. The concept of office-based working will not become obsolete, but using tech tools to get the job done will be here to stay post-pandemic.

Anyone working in this modern-day setting is now expected to be independent, adaptable, communicative, entrepreneurial, and resourceful with new technologies. Young people should get a head start if they want to stand out in a competitive space.

Why did Fire Tech launch a Virtual Work Experience programme?

Young people who are currently preparing for their professional careers lack opportunities to experience real-world working scenarios until they are nearing the end of their time in education and the pandemic has only complicated this situation further. But we thought, why wait until the last years of undergraduate education to integrate some sort of work-related element into young people’s world

“We want to offer virtual experiences that guarantee young people a chance to develop work-ready digital and social skills, with live mentor support, in a format that is accessible anywhere in the world.”

Jill Hodges, CEO & Founder

We’ve discovered that many internships are based on observation alone. It’s a passive work experience with little room for young interns to discover their potential. The simple fact is that there are not enough meaningful work experiences available. Fire Tech has launched Virtual Work Experiences to fill this gap and provide opportunities for young people to try roles of responsibility in scenarios that mimic the industry they are interested in. 

How does the Fire Tech Virtual Work Experience programme work?

Fire Tech Virtual Work Experience is designed for young people ages 15 to 19 to up-skill and prepare for their future careers. The experience runs for 5 weeks, and participants spend about 6 hours a week in a role of leadership. They will have access to pre-training in order to upskill and are supported with resources throughout the experience. Just like many tech start-ups around the world, each week teams will work on a different phase of the project design as outlined below:

work experience programme outline

Why join the Virtual Work Experience programme?

There are many benefits to joining the programme. Some of the highlights include:

  1. Experience Real Roles
    The experience is not about shadowing and observing someone else at work. Participants are assigned real roles of leadership. The best part is they have the option to switch roles and explore different areas of the industry.

  2. Join A Live Team
    Remote work does not have to be a lonely experience. We train and guide participants on the latest remote-working tools as they collaborate with like-minded peers in live team meetings.

  3. Build Real-World Projects
    The Virtual Work Experience programme is centred around completing industry-relevant projects. The outcome will be a fantastic starting point for a professional portfolio that can impress future employers.

  4. Work with a Boss Mentor
    Throughout the whole experience, you will be supported and mentored by a boss. They can offer guidance on career goals and provide valuable industry knowledge. Boss mentors will also draw on their network to host guest speaker sessions for Q&A with real people from the industry. At the end of the Virtual Work Experience, the boss mentor will provide feedback, a skills evaluation report and professional reference for LinkedIn or CV.

Ready to sign up?

This is your chance to provide your child with an experience that will boost their confidence, employability and widen their network. Fire Tech currently has Virtual Work Experiences for Video Game Design and Creative Design. For more information visit our programme page here.

The next cohort for Virtual Work Experience in Video Game Design will begin 1 Feb 2021, sign up now for a discounted offer.



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