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The benefits of Minecraft Coding for Kids

Minecraft, sound familiar? I am sure many of you have heard of Minecraft, a popular block-building game that has taken the internet by storm since it first released in 2009. Minecraft is very much like digital LEGO whereby children can create absolutely anything using digital building blocks and then learn how to navigate their Minecraft world. It is the second most downloaded game of all time and importantly has several learning applications for kids. So, what are the benefits of Minecraft?

Is Minecraft educational? 

Yes. The simplicity of block building and the open-ended nature of the game makes it a desirable catch for both children and parents. Anyone can be learning and easily captivated by Minecraft especially when there are endless opportunities to build, innovate, and explore.

Why is Minecraft good for kids?

Whilst kids are having fun playing their favourite games, Minecraft is also expanding their skill set in several ways. Minecraft helps kids to develop key soft skills such as creativity, collaboration, and problem-solving.

1. Minecraft enhances creativity 

Minecraft enables players to think creatively and imaginatively whilst building their own Minecraft world. There is the freedom to create players, new worlds, and dimensions. The possibilities are endless from changing modes from land to water or creating your very own invincible super octopus! It provides a great platform for experimentation and allows kids to adapt to new environments and situations.

2. Minecraft boosts curiosity and exploration

Minecraft has various modes, one being “survival mode”. This encourages the player to maintain their health and hunger levels whilst being approached by different challenges such as monsters and obstacles by planning a route to quickly escape or find cover and learn to survive. Through experimentation and encountering different scenarios, children develop methods that can aid in solving real-world problems and develop critical thinking skills. 

3. Minecraft encourages collaboration

Another skill-enhancing aspect of Minecraft is that it enables kids to play with other like-minded kids across the globe. Its international presence is a tool to help your child to communicate clearly and effectively with people from all areas of the world. This can help to build your child’s confidence levels by sharing ideas with like-minded children across the globe creating a platform to facilitate personal growth. All the skills mentioned will help to provide your child with a strong starting platform for their future employment prospects.

4. Minecraft supports learning at school

The technical skills are one aspect of Minecraft, it also enables kids to develop key business skills such as relationship management and negotiation skills. Used in the correct way, Minecraft can also support school skills in subjects like science, mathematics, etc which are critical in the 21st-century workplace. For example, the block-based nature of Minecraft creates opportunities to explore how these blocks can be manipulated to tackle geometric challenges. Exploring core mathematical concepts in a fun and entertaining way using Minecraft – who knew?

Learn Minecraft at Fire Tech

The Minecraft courses offered by Fire Tech help provide a structured approach to enable kids to enjoy playing their favourite game whilst also learning many key skills at the same time. Essential guidance and structure will help shape and nurture your child’s journey with Minecraft and enable them to overcome challenges and find new and innovative approaches to problems with specialist skills and guidance.

Students will leave a Minecraft course at Fire Tech equipped with the tools they need to develop and expand the complexity of their game playing in the future. Learning the core concepts of computer science whilst also having fun will equip them with core skills for future development and leave them feeling inspired!

Explore Fire Tech’s Minecraft courses for kids aged 9 to 12: Minecraft Maker and Minecraft Machine Engineer




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