Coding for Kids: why is it so important?

Coding is part of the discipline of Computer Science which itself is defined by the term ‘Computational Thinking’. Seymor Papert, the renowned mathematician, computer scientist, and educator, wrote in his seminal book Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas (1980) that computational thinking is a ‘mode of thought’. It is a thinking discipline which, Papert claimed, […]


8 Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code

In the past, eager parents wanted their children to become accountants, doctors and lawyers. Today, you are just as likely to hear parents talking about their kids becoming software developers, computer scientists and technology entrepreneurs. Here are our top eight reasons for encouraging your child to learn to code. Develops Confidence and Independence One of […]


Why we need to get kids coding – from the Huffington post.

“Most of us lived this through the interface. But, in the midst of all this easy-to-use technology, somehow we lost touch with the fact that someone has to build it all. And the kids have become consumers, sitting slack-jawed and motionless above the wrists for hours, killing baddies but never knowing the thrill of summoning the code-driven genies themselves. So how can we halt this decline? It’s simple – let’s get young people excited about coding.”



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