Spreading the Tech Love Overseas

As you may have seen last week we partnered with Kusuma Trust for a second year running to spread the tech love to young people in Gibraltar.

More than 600 pupils brought their enthusiasm to the workshops making it a big success. Fire Tech Camp’s mission is to get more young people creating, designing and exploring technology. The leaders of tomorrow need to be armed with these skills in order to be full participants in the technology-driven economy. We want to reach as many kids as possible so we were elated when Kusuma Trust invited us back to Gibraltar to inspire their future leaders.

Time and time again we see that when students have the opportunity to deep dive into exploring with technology, their interest and confidence grows, and it was no different here. The students were all too ready to get building, inventing, and developing their computational thinking. We’re sharing more pictures on our social media channels but as you can see below, students loved getting their hands dirty exploring the BinaryBot and littleBits’ Gizmo & Gadget kits.

fire tech camp in gibraltar

create with technology

summer camps for 9-17 year olds

Though, it wasn’t just kids and teens enjoying all the tech fun. We spent the day hosting a teacher training day, sharing hands-on projects with teachers and helping them plan ways to use technology in their classrooms. The teachers loved using the littleBits’ Gizmo and Gadgets kid to invent, remix and share their gadgets, built using snappable electronics.

Summer camps

summer camps for teens

One tutors said of the trip: “Tech is a fantastic option for young people to follow.  It is incredible to see their excitement as they discover new aspects of computing – especially when you hear them immediately start planning their career.”

We’d like to extend a special thanks to all the students who took part in the workshops, our incredible team of tutors who shared their passion for technology, the Department of Education and especially to Kusuma Trust. This event was dependent on Kusuma Trust’s generous funding of the whole trip. The year 9 students were particularly happy, who because of Kumuma’s Trust funding, were able to take home the BinaryBot kits and the littleBits’ Gizmo & Gadgets. We can’t wait to bring the tech love back to Gibraltar next year! Keep making!

Fire Tech Camp are the UK’s leading provider of tech education for 9-17 year olds. Launched in 2013, Fire Tech Camp has delivered over 4000 courses and workshops, in 20 subjects. Fire Tech Camp are committed to making tech education accessible to all children and scholarships are available to support this goal. For more information see or contact Jill Hodges at



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