We’re calling on the UK government to offer additional support to help fix future skills gaps

Help fix the shortage in digital & future skills


As a company that specialises in digital skills courses for young people, and has supported more than 50,000 students throughout the pandemic – from helping to teach and train them to be better prepared for the future, through to donating laptops to those most in need – we are calling on the UK government and Boris Johnson to do more to address, not only the digital skills gap but all future skills gaps.

We believe that urgent action needs to be taken now before the problem continues to grow, worse than it already is.
The past year has thrown children’s education into a serious crisis, and one of the issues that have grown and become more prevalent is education inequality. Not every family can afford a laptop for each child, or offer the additional learning that they require outside of the classroom, helping to prepare them for the future.

We’re calling for the Government to provide extra funding for extra courses outside of the ongoing curriculum that our children undertake to provide them with access to tech-based courses and future skills courses to help support the future of our workforce. We should be doing everything that we can to teach the future workforce; teachers already have a big enough job on their hands getting students caught back up from the past year, parents can only do so much and we believe that the next step is for the Government to address this issue head-on.

Courses in tech can help children learn key skills which are fundamental in securing a job later on in life. From learning problem solving and critical thinking to building new friendships and learning through play, extra investment in this future learning can give our young people the best possible chance later in life. By introducing them to future skills opportunities at GCSE age or later, it’s already too late. They need to be introduced to this much younger; when they’re far more receptive to learning and retaining key information.



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