Minecraft with Python code overlaid

New Python with Minecraft Course Inspires Young Student

This week, we caught up with Filippo, a young Fire Tech UK-based camper, who attended our Python with Minecraft week-long online course during the October half term. Continue reading as he answers our questions about his experience with Fire Tech.

What did you create/make/build/code during your week at Fire Tech?

We learnt all the basics to Python coding. We then learned to embed our code into Minecraft so that if you were above air or water would automatically place a block. If you were then above something else it would create an empty cube. By the end of the week, we were to code our own mini-games – I built a stone cube and the aim of the game was to find the gold block.

What made you choose this course?

I play Minecraft a lot with my family and friends and it’s really fun, and I have just started learning Python at school so I thought it would be good to try out a course that does both.

It was a cool combination of fun gaming with coding… which will help me learn coding skills quicker at school!


What’s the most surprising thing you learned from your teacher?

I had no idea there was so many things you could do in Python! I remember one example they shared was that when you updated the game, it would move the block and replace it with something else. You could do way more complex things and explore other stuff once you’d learned all the basic skills.

How different is it learning at Fire Tech to learning at school?

At school, we have a set program and you have to follow that. At Fire Tech it is a fun learning environment and we got to learn using Minecraft which we don’t get to do at school. At school, you the class sizes are bigger too so it’s harder to get help, where as Fire Tech classes were much smaller. 

How do you think the things you have learned at Fire Tech will help you at school?

Well, it’s definitely going to help with GCSEs! I am now so much more confident with using Python and things I can create using Python. Before the course, I wasn’t super strong at it as I found it quite hard to learn at school. Also, one day if I want to build my own Minecraft server I know exactly what to do.

Do you think it’s important for children to learn about technology?  

Yes, because one day you’ll have to apply some technology to your work. The younger you are the easier you’ll learn it. It’s also loads of fun!

How would you describe Fire Tech to your friends?

It’s so fun! They teach you a lot in such a small amount of time! I’ve learned so much… I would recommend it to all my friends! 

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