Nesta calls on Fire Tech’s tutors to help young people learn AI

The Longitude Explorer Prize (LEP), run by Nesta, the leading innovation organisation, gives young innovators an opportunity to develop ideas for AI-powered technology to help transform the world around them.

Fire Tech are delighted to be the training partner for this high-profile prize, and to support the 39 finalists teams to develop and refine their ideas. 

Some of their projects include: an app that transcribes British Sign Language; an app that helps children identify their learning style and adapts curriculum to meet their needs; an application that shows wheelchair users the most efficient route to a specific location; and a self-tracking app that helps young people learn about their own health and wellbeing. 

Fire Tech’s team of expert tutors – including Eneh, a student at Imperial College London, and Myrto, a PhD Researcher at the University of Cambridge – will be coaching the students to help them understand how AI works, how it can apply to their ideas, and which platforms they can use to build AI tools.

Ed Halliday, UK Country Manager, commented:

“I’m incredibly proud that we are working with Nesta to help finalists of their Longitude Explorer Prize understand and implement artificial intelligence solutions.  We fundamentally believe that young people should be encouraged to create and explore using technologies like AI from the earliest age. It’s extraordinary to see the creativity, ambition and social impact of the ideas developed by the finalists on the Longitude Explorer Programme. We hear repeatedly that our tutors transform our students’ tech skills confidence, and we are excited to see how we can help these young innovators to develop their ideas.” 

Nesta is just one of the many organisations collaborating with Fire Tech to help them solve the STEM skills gap around the world. In the past 12 months, we have worked with Amazon Future Engineer to create an online Creative Python Programming platform, and with Arm Technologies to create workshops that will inspire young people to explore AI. 

Since the beginning of 2020, Fire Tech has delivered over 35,000 online courses teaching the most cutting-edge technologies. Students have been designing games with Unity, building AI models with IBM Watson, and designing entire worlds in virtual reality. Students’ projects have included building an app to detect coronavirus, programming autonomous vehicles to avoid pedestrians and building VR worlds to discover extinct sea life.

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