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At-Home Learning Resources for Families

With COVID-19 continuing to evolve rapidly and schools starting to close, it is essential that we support our families and wider community at this time. We are sharing these useful resources that you can use to support your child’s learning at home, emotionally reassure them and help them to thrive during these challenging times.


  1. Learn future tech skills online: To continue the learning, we are introducing remote learning courses to help kids 9-17. This remote experience will be fun, impactful, and valuable. Book your place now.
  2. Construct with LEGO: This LEGO calendar will challenge you each day to build something new. Or design a new spacecraft, draw plans, then create out of legos or household items. Spend some time pretending you’re on different planets with different gravity, you could seriously spend a whole week on just fun space activities.
  3. Get inspired by listening to a podcast: This blog lists the best 25 podcasts for kids, from science lovers to music lovers, there’s something for everyone.
  4. Get creative: Check out BBC’s Bitesize fun games and resources for kids of all ages to get online and enjoy.
  5. Make with crafts and get hands-on: Test out these 50 fun activities that will keep kids entertained for hours.
  6. STEM Activities: Anytime can be the right time to explore STEM (science, technology, engineering and math). Explore different experiments, engineering challenges and demonstrations with these fun hands-on STEM activities.
  7. Challenge yourself: These kids created their own touchless hand sanitisers using Arduinos. What is the most tech-related gadget you can make?
  8. Free learning platform for school groups with over 200 STEM, CS, and technology design activities and courses. Courses cover circuitry, game design, web literacy, coding, green technology, and more.
  9. Create a video/enter a competition: From developing an outdoor education hive and an eco-friendly hanging garden to robotics and virtual reality, an incredible range of science-related projects have been recognised and rewarded through the Rolls-Royce science prizeLink
  10. Get competitive over a board-game. Here are seven awesome board games for kids that adults can actually enjoy too.

I hope that you find these resources helpful and we invite you to share them with your family and friends.

We hope to help kids, parents, educators and all community members get through the next few weeks as safely and creatively as possible. Please do follow our social media channels for regular updates on COVID-19.

Take care,
The Fire Tech team



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