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Kids get a leg up on their future by attending this summer camp

While kids are wrapping up exams, parents are starting to figure out how to keep their kids busy and engaged this summer. Fire Tech, the UK’s leading provider of tech education for children and teens outside of school, is getting ready for their summer programmes. Thousands of kids aged 9-17 from around the world will be attending their camps and courses that cover coding, robotics and digital media.

This year, camps are taking place all over the country, with new locations in Edinburgh, Ascot, and Winchester. In addition, they are launching online offerings and have launched some #allGirls courses to give a particularly friendly environment to girls who want to get try their hand at coding and robotics – and hopefully, start to address the tech gender imbalance starting at the grassroots level.

Designed to entertain and inspire young minds, tech camps combine summer fun with helping kids use the latest tech tools to create and innovate. A positive side effect will be a new generation of young people who can gain know-how that will help them step into the great jobs that sometimes go unfilled because of the digital skills gap. The kids benefit, but it also helps fuel the country’s fast-growing digital economy.

Set up by tech enthusiast Jill Hodges six years ago when she couldn’t find any engaging tech camps for her own kids, Fire Tech is now running camps for young people across ten UK locations, plus Australia.

Fire Tech’s camps, which run over five days, each focus on a particular field of digital tech, including coding, robotics, video game design, AR and VR and digital music production. There’s a course for every age and stage – from absolute beginners to tech enthusiasts who want to dive deeper. Students from some of the UK’s most prestigious university courses make up the handpicked Fire Tech tutor teams.

Jill Hodges, Founder and CEO, explains why she created Fire Tech:“I started Fire Tech at my kitchen table because I was concerned my own children weren’t learning the skills they needed to thrive in the world they were growing into. Like a lot of parents, my kids love spending time using technology, but I think it’s critical that they can be constructive and not just passive consumers. It’s not just about future skills, it’s also about having them understand how the tech around them works, and empowering with those tools so that they can solve problems, get creative, and be active digital citizens.”

“Tech isn’t a “vertical” anymore – it’s part of everything we do. The projects our kids create in Fire Tech camps will make them better photographers, doctors, researchers, more creative stylists, broader communicators, better team players, stronger analysts, creative problem solvers, and brilliant entrepreneurs.”

For more information and to book a place at Fire Tech Camp Bristol visit or call 0203 950 7310.

About Fire Tech’s Courses

Courses run over five days at several locations around the UK this July and August. Classes run from 9am-5pm or 10am-4pm depending on age. Prices start at £400 for a five full-day camp. Example courses:

3D Game Development with Unity (ages 14-17) Designed to inspire the next generation of Unity developers – game design, animation, 3D characters and more.

Junior AR / VR (ages 12-17) Discover one of the most rapidly developing areas of technology and learn how to use the newest augmented and virtual reality tools.

Coding Games with Java (ages 12-17) Using the Greenfoot platform, developed at the University of Kent to make coding easy, students will learn to code in Java.

Digital Music Production (ages 12-17) Budding producers can learn all about one of the industry’s leading digital audio workstations, Ableton Live.

Minecraft Maker (ages 9-12) Kids are thrown into an intensive mix of creativity, gaming and engineering.

Teen Coding with Python (ages 14-17) Learn one of the most in-demand coding languages in the world, used in start-ups, enterprise and academic institutions.

Junior Coder (ages 9-11) Learn, design and experiment with code covering a different topic each day – robotics, mobile apps, animation and games.

Video Game Design (ages 9-12) Expert tutors will transform students from game consumers to game creators, creating games to play on the web or smartphone.

Creative Digital Design (ages 12-17) Take your graphic design skills from average to awesome and create an envy-worthy portfolio. Students will learn the latest open-source video editing, digital visual effects and audio mixing applications.

About Fire Tech

Fire Tech is the UK’s leading provider of tech education for children and teens outside of school. Since its beginning in 2013, the company has delivered over 12,000 learning experiences in countries across the world, including Australia, France, Italy, Gibraltar, Poland, the Caribbean and the Middle East. Fire Tech works with students, families, schools, and government clients.

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