Inspired Digital Music Production Student Shares Her Course Experience

This week, we caught up with Isabella, a 14-year-old Fire Tech UK-based camper, who attended our Digital Music Production week-long online course during Easter. Continue reading as she answers our questions about her week with Fire Tech.

What did you create during your week at Fire Tech?

We worked with Ableton and it was cool because we learnt how to make drum kits, how to compose, how to play cords, compose instruments, and it was pretty cool learning how to mix together. Our tutor showed us how to make the music, then put it on the track, make different beats at different times and then bring it all together.

Fire Tech Digital Music Production

What made you choose that course?

I did a Fire Tech Minecraft course last year with a little bit so I’ve had a little bit of experience with technology and I wanted to learn more. I am a Grade 6 clarinet and I like to play the piano bit and we were looking for things to do over the Easter holidays to help support my music GCSE too and I thought if I do this course it will help me.

What’s the most surprising thing you learned from your teacher?

I thought it was gonna be really hard to remember things but our teacher taught us in a way that made me remember. I also like that we did Kahoot quizzes – it makes it fun!

“At school, we are taught a range of instruments and the history of music. At Fire Tech, we got to see the digital side of music and how it’s produced.”

Isabella, aged 14

How do you think the things you have learned at Fire Tech will help you at school?

I think at school we only learn the basics and for GCSE’s we need to know a lot more in-depth things about composing, so already knowing how to do it will be useful and make it way easier.

What do you want to go on to study when they leave school? Has this changed since being at Fire Tech?

I think music will be more of a hobby because I really want to be a scientist when I’m older. But after seeing and using Ableton, I think I’ll definitely play around with it more. Our tutor also showed us how to upload it to SoundCloud so I think it will be cool to upload my own music and even pre-record some of my clarinet into the track.

Do you think it’s important for children to learn about technology? Why?

Yes, because in school we don’t learn about that side of tech, except for when we’re in computing. We don’t really explore it in that sort of range, learning it as you do at Fire Tech and helps you to broaden your mind for after A-Levels and even after school finishes.

What would you say to a child who is a tech beginner but is thinking of coming to Fire Tech?

Don’t be afraid to even if you have no experience! If you think it’s going to be hard, or that you think you’ll forget what you learnt if you’re doing a Fire Tech course you can always just ask again and you are more likely to remember. I think it helps to be in small classes, you learn differently from school and it’s actually really fun.

How would you describe Fire Tech to your friends?

It’s a fun way of learning, rather than actual school, where you have to stick to one thing. You get to explore different topics or techniques and you get to make whatever music you want.

Fire Tech Digital Music Production

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