How To Continue Your Child’s Learning After An Online Course

If your child has recently completed a Fire Tech online course, then this is the perfect opportunity to take full advantage of what your child has learned, and help them continue to reap the benefits long after the course has ended. 

We think it is really important for them to continue creating and learning, so to help you encourage this, we have put together a list of activities that can help support your child to use their new teamwork skills, explore their curiosity further and build on what they’ve learned using their own initiative.

1. Allow Game Time (quality and time-controlled)

We support solo play and recognise its importance – after all, many of our courses use gameplay to help kids learn tech skills, but establishing healthy gaming patterns is important. 

Doing this is a good way to ensure that children enjoy all the benefits of playing games without letting it interrupt their other pursuits and responsibilities, such as their homework or other hobbies. 

For young people, limited time playing quality games such as Minecraft is an excellent way to enhance their problem-solving skills, it can boost their reading skills, social connection, and most of all creativity and imaginative gameplay. Not all games are equal though – quality educational game-play should be encouraged, but also managed.

2. Encourage Building with a Kit

It’s the golden age of hardware kits and there’s something for every age. You may need to let your child take the lead and show you how it’s done! For the youngest kids, we love the AR-powered kits MEL Science has designed alongside our friends at Tech Will Save Us and we love anything by LittleBits or Sphero. Teens can work with more open-ended platform kits – Something like the tello drone is fantastic (and safe) for teens to continue programming and for something more advanced we’d recommend finding out more about Raspberry Pi and their kits.

3. Buy Books on STEM

We highly recommend looking out for good books on STEM, for young girls specifically there’s the Bright Little Lab’s Agent Asha Book. It’s a good idea to read an eclectic range of literature too. Many of the world’s greatest inventors developed their ideas through reading fictional adventures. Elon Musk, for example, is a huge fan of science-fiction. Cory Doctorow has some great books like Little Brother, which uses young hackers as the heroes, and Snow Crash is another top teen hit in the coder’s fiction canon.

4. Join a weekly kids tech club

Our newest weekly club HackLab was introduced this month! HackLab is your One-Stop all-purpose computer club. If you just love technology in general but you’re not quite sure what you’re really interested in, this is the place for you. Experience everything from programming to digital art in this casual, super fun weekly club.

View our range of after-school and weekend clubs.

There’s more and more research showing that the most powerful users of tech skills are those who are also creative and curious. Continuing to explore, reading, playing with kits or games are some of the best ways to dive deep, and stimulate the imagination. It’s a great way to start combining a love of problem-solving with a more general creative and curious approach to the world!

Finishing a Fire Tech online course is just the beginning. We hope you’ll put those new hard and soft skills to work and explore our other courses to try something different. We hope to see you on one of our week-long school holiday courses, on an after-school or weekend club or a self-guided course soon!



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