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Fire Tech in Antigua to Inspire Young People

Fire Tech, the UK’s leading provider of extracurricular tech education for 9-17 year olds, is today announces they are bringing specially-curated education technology workshops and courses to young people in Antigua in partnership with ABIIT (Antigua and Barbuda Institute of Technology), UNOPS and Ocean Generation.

Started in 2013 by Jill Hodges, Fire Tech has since delivered over 10,000 coding, making and digital media courses to young people across the UK, France, Italy, Poland, the Middle East and Australia.

“We hear that 65% of children in primary school today will work in jobs that do not exist yet. Our mission is to prepare kids for the tech-driven economy in a fun and engaging way,” said Hodges. “In the UK we are facing a digital skills gap that costs the economy £63 billion a year in lost GDP. For young people from developing countries, stimulating interest in the tech subjects and laying the groundwork for learning tech skills can make a real difference in their future prospects. We are excited to work with Ocean Generation to bring our programmes to the local young people to inspire and motivate them to further develop their skills.”

Fire Tech previously partnered with Ocean Generation last year, once again in Antigua. The project was such as a success they have returned with their top-notch team instructors to inspire young people to take the digital world by storm. Fire Tech also worked with the Kusuma Trust in Gibraltar to teach 600 local children how to get creative with tech.

Both students and parents rave about their courses. “My son has gained proven knowledge and skills from attending Fire Tech. [He] finishes any assignments in half the time, with excellent grades,” said one enthusiastic parent.

Ocean Generation is a UNOPS backed charity bringing the ocean and its importance to the most connected generation in history. They understand that the ocean impacts every aspect of our lives and one of their goals is to support Small Island Developing States affected by global warming. They asked Fire Tech to bring their industry recognised courses and breadth of expert tutors to deliver workshops that will ignite local kids’ interest in tech.

The courses will be taking place between 11-15th February, with about tens of Antiguan students.

About Fire Tech:

Fire Tech offers hands-on, creative education technology courses that provide 9 – 17 year olds with the 21st-century skills they need to succeed in an increasingly technology-driven economy. Unlike other tech education providers, Fire Tech offers a range of courses in coding, creating and making, such as video game design, robotics and digital music production which are designed to ensure that participants learn as much in a week as they would in a year of programmatic coursework in secondary school.

Founded by Jill Hodges in 2013, Fire Tech has since delivered over 7,000 courses and workshops. Fire Tech aims to ensure that young people are prepared for a world where technology increasingly drives the economy and are committed to making tech education available and accessible to all children. Scholarships are available to support this goal.

About Ocean Generation:

The Ocean Generation Foundation is a not for profit organisation supported by United Nations Office for Project Services. It is a global collective bringing the ocean and its importance to the most connected generation in history. They aim to show how the oceans impact every aspect of our lives and want to educate people through music, mobile gaming and the digital platforms. You can see their work at


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Jill Hodges available to speak further on ed tech trends, diversity in tech and 21st Century Skills.
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