Develop life-changing skills this summer

Fire Tech Camp is best known for camps and clubs that take place during the day at locations like Imperial College and London’s Science Museum. But we also run a very exciting programme of sleep away or residential camps each summer. This is more than a summer school – this is summer innovation camp!

For three weeks in July, we will be welcoming students from all over the world who want to get their hands dirty with tech, creativity and innovation. We run our camps at Wycombe Abbey, a prestigious independent school about an hour from London (and half an hour from Heathrow Airport). We are currently offering five of our most popular courses, selected so that both students with some programming experience, and those who may just be getting started, as well as those with a more creative bent, can all find something new, interesting, and challenging.

The classes currently being offered are:
Web Development
Robotics with VEX IQ
Teen Games Building with Java and Python
Teen Python Programming
Digital Photography with Photoshop 

Students arrive on Sunday afternoon, and stay until Friday night or Saturday morning, depending on their transportation arrangements. Courses run all day, with breaks for picnic lunches, weather permitting. Each evening we plan activities to get all the students together and moving – camp games, scavenger hunts, trivia challenges, wii tournaments – depending on the weather and the interests of the group. Wycombe Abbey is a great location with hundreds of acres of space, and we are tucked away in our own corner of the campus, with our own boarding houses and classroom space.

We’ve had students from all over the world come to our residential camps – all over the world teens are looking for opportunities to learn about coding, creativity and innovation in a fun environment. Those students from abroad also benefit from a fully-immersive English environment that helps them improve their language skills by working with expert teachers and students that share their interests. Last year the students were roughly 50% British and 50% international, with teens joining in from Scandinavia, Turkey, Greece, France, Belgium, Germany, and a number of other countries.

Round-trip transfers from Heathrow are available for £50, and the cost of the course includes all food, accommodation, activities, and software licenses – students bring their own computers so that they have everything they need to continue learning after camp is done. Some students book two weeks in a row – we keep the kids throughout the weekend, and there is no additional cost for the extra day’s stay.

If you have any questions about residential summer camp with Fire Tech Camp, don’t hesitate to get in touch by email or to give us a call on +442071934002.



If you have a course coming up use the login details for the student that is going to attend, on the computer they will be using.

Don't see a login for your child?
Please check you have assigned them to the course you booked and contact us for help if needed.