Meet our tutors

Fire Tech offers a range of advantages, from small class sizes to maximise student learning, to include the latest technologies like artificial intelligence and augmented reality that inspire our campers to dream big! Yet, it’s our high-quality tutors that make Fire Tech an incredible place to learn. We’ve made it a priority to recruit enthusiastic, […]


Meet the expert: Prof. Michael Luck, King’s College London, AI and machine learning expert

This week, we spoke to Professor Michael Luck, Professor in Computer Science at King’s College London, about the impact of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning on young people. How will AI and machine learning impact kids under 18? AI and machine learning will impact the future of all of us – but the kids will […]


Inspiring Women: Meet Genevieve

Today we celebrate International Women’s Day. Fire Tech are creating a more balanced world by inspiring young girls in tech and changing the way they think about STEM careers by introducing #AllGirls courses. Here we talk to one of our heroes, who is also trying to get more women into STEM, Genevieve about her latest […]


STEM is for creative AND analytical people.

Plan, invent, design, create. Test, tinker, fix. Evolve, grow, enhance. STEM subjects are vast and varied. They become increasingly necessary to prepare young people for the 21st century. This has been reflected in government reports concerning the need for more STEM graduates.  Xinny is our Python and Photography tutor. She describes how STEM subjects (science, […]


What’s an Arduino? – Josh explains

Our tutor Josh, a mechanical engineering student at Imperial College London, explains what’s involved on our Arduino course. What is an Arduino? The Arduino is a small electronics board that bridges the gap between electronics hardware and software. Building with Arduino combines creative, technology, and engineering skills. Sounds technical. How is it fun? Kids begin […]


Hoping to attend an American University? Here’s what you need to know

It’s so exciting to see some of our Fire Tech campers begun to study Computer Science and Engineering at the University level. More and more UK students, including our campers, are considering US universities – but the admissions process and the vast number of programmes can be daunting. Lisa Gottardo, from A-List Education wrote this guest […]


“Students created a haunted house.” Sneak Peek into our Digital Music course

Fire Tech is known for teaching kids how to code, create video games, engineer robots and create unique objects using 3D printers. However, not everyone knows about our Digital Music Production course. This was hugely popular over the summer break and we’re also teaching it this December half term. Below, Will, a Fire Tech tutor, […]



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