We are all homeschoolers now

I never signed up to be a homeschooler.  I’ve secretly admired the creativity and the devotion of those parents who could do it, but I couldn’t possibly do it myself.   I had work, and I didn’t have the patience, and I honestly felt like professional teachers would have a better impact on my kids than […]


Coding for Kids: why is it so important?

Coding is part of the discipline of Computer Science which itself is defined by the term ‘Computational Thinking’. Seymor Papert, the renowned mathematician, computer scientist, and educator, wrote in his seminal book Mindstorms: Children, Computers, and Powerful Ideas (1980) that computational thinking is a ‘mode of thought’. It is a thinking discipline which, Papert claimed, […]


What Does STEM Mean?

Science, technology, engineering and maths. There’s a good chance you know what STEM stands for. But not everyone knows what STEM means. Just how important STEM subjects are. How exciting studying them can be. The big-picture questions they empower you to answer. And the broad skills and qualities – not just limited to technical knowledge […]


8 Reasons Kids Should Learn to Code

In the past, eager parents wanted their children to become accountants, doctors and lawyers. Today, you are just as likely to hear parents talking about their kids becoming software developers, computer scientists and technology entrepreneurs. Here are our top eight reasons for encouraging your child to learn to code. Develops Confidence and Independence One of […]


Managing Teenage Screen Time

There has been a lot of discussion over the past week about young people and technology. Specifically, on the back of Matt Hancock’s suggestion the headteachers ban the use of phones in school, we were called on by the BBC and Channel 5 news (watch here) to talk about kids and technology. We believe that […]


What Is The Impact of Screen Time?

– 50% of young people think they are addicted to their devices. – 57% of adults feel that their teens spend too much time connected to their screens. – And 1/3 of families argue daily about screen time. Does this sound familiar? Maybe… But even if not, ‘Screenagers’ will inform you about the impact of […]


Digital Etiquette: A Handy Guide

Digital Technology can be hugely creative and rewarding. Whether you keep your fingers busy coding, soldering or gaming, it’s easy to lose yourself for hours in cyberspace. But for all the fun and adventure, there is no excuse for outdated stereotypes and bad manners. Here are some handy tips for going about computer tech the […]



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