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Best virtual ideas for a fun, frightening, and safe socially distanced Halloween

October half-term and Halloween is fast approaching! There is no scarier thought than entertaining your kids during gloomy weather, whilst social distancing. Technology is great, Netflix and Youtube may be obvious choices, but we at Fire Tech are huge believers that not all screen time is created equal. Watching gaming videos on YouTube may be fun, but could never measure up to creating your own Halloween themed Roblox games or making your Minecraft house spooky.

Halloween is all about dressing up, having fun with friends, and eating sweets, things families and friends look forward to. Why sacrifice the fun this year! We have put together three ideas for throwing a Halloween Party which won’t be cancelled, full of activities for kids and grandparents alike!

1. Virtual Costume Contest

The best thing about Halloween is showing off your costume and holding a competition. There are so many ways to do this, you can’t go wrong with this Halloween activity! When hosting many themed quiz nights for friends and family, I have found the VoteUp: Decide Faster App easiest to use. Setting up a poll personalised poll is quick, and people can submit votes on a laptop or smartphone!

This Halloween activity can be done in many different ways, why limit your party to just one! The favourite is the classic Costume Party format, where everyone joins the virtual party already in their planned costume, and party-goers vote on their favourite costume. Another classic Halloween Costume game is the quick-fire costume, which is fun and easy to do. The host picks a costume challenge, and the participants are then given a set time to create their best costume from household items. My favourites are; toilet paper mummy, a ghost, and a scary surprise costume. This is a great 10-minute activity, and the bonus of hosting it virtually is that you don’t have to worry about the mess!

Modern Costume Contest ideas are; decorating your own scary face mask and finding the best virtual “costume” using SnapCam filters. These are best for an icebreaker activity at the start, whilst everyone joins the call or gathers snacks.

2. Spooky Story Round

Halloween is all about scaring friends, spooky surprises, and pranking, what better way to celebrate than creating your own scary stories! The leader starts with the classic prompt; “Once upon a time” then everyone takes turns continuing the story, adding a few words each time. I played this recently with friends over zoom, it’s so easy to set up, there are so many stories that we bonded over and still laugh about! We also told our personal scary stories, from sharing our worst Halloween costumes, pranks went wrong, or possible haunted experiences.

3. Virtual Scary Scavenger Hunt

Zoom parties shouldn’t be completely stationary, especially at Halloween when everyone would be dancing! What better way to get everyone running around than a scary scavenger hunt! Personally, the best scavenger quiz hunt round I hosted involved a cryptic question, then everyone rushed off to grab an item before the time ran out, finally a quick show and tell to show off your item. This was definitely a highlight of the last quiz I hosted, and I plan to do it again for my virtual Halloween Party! Some spooky prompts you could use are: “What would you take to fight a vampire?”, “Find something haunted” and “Bring something to put in a witches potion!” When I played a trial of these questions with my family, we had lots of laughs and it was the best way to get everyone energised after a snack break.

Virtual Halloween Parties are a great way to connect with friends and family who live further away and usually couldn’t get involved with your celebrations. Why limit it to a boring Zoom call? Add some excitement to the mix! What a better way to cheer everyone up when the nights are getting darker and the weather is getting colder, then to get dressed up for a Halloween party and celebrate virtually!

However you choose to spend Halloween this year, there’s no question that it’s still possible to have a fun time with family. From our Fire Tech family to yours, we wish you a safe, fun-filled Halloween! 




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