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5 Ways To Play Minecraft With Friends

For young people, playing Minecraft with friends is, by far, one of the best ways to connect while having loads of fun. Someone to watch your back while you dangerously chop wood through the night on day one, someone to help you farm and sow the wheat, and even someone to watch the sunrise with, knowing that even though the day started peacefully it wouldn’t be long before you were both fighting off Zombies with wooden sticks. Well fear not fellow Minecrafters, here are 5 ways you can play with friends, no more solo exploring necessary!

1. Public Servers

Public servers are a super easy and free way you can play with not just your friends, but hundreds to thousands of people online! These servers can range in size, from small to large, with the larger servers allowing you to play many different game modes and experience super exciting and interesting Mods that change the mechanics of the game! You can find these servers by searching for Minecraft Servers online, once you have found a server you like, make a note of the server address. When you are ready to join, you need to open up Minecraft, select Multiplayer, click Add Server and enter in the Server Address.

2. Minecraft: Realms

Minecraft: Realms can be used to create a private server for you and up to ten friends depending on the subscription you purchase. Only one person needs to buy the monthly subscription, which allows anyone else to play on the server for FREE. To buy the monthly subscription, you will first need to sign in to your account through the Minecraft website, once you have signed in, you will need to navigate to your profile section and select the Realms tab on the left, here you will be able to see the monthly plan you are able to purchase. The monthly plans will differ depending on the version of Minecraft you own (Java or Bedrock)

3. Create Your Own Private Modded Minecraft Server: Java Edition 

Out of all 5 ways to play Minecraft with friends, this is arguably the most difficult so attempt this at your own peril! Players can use modding software such as Forge, to not only easily install mods onto your PC but also to create a private server. Setting up the private server is relatively easy, however in order for you to set up the server and share it with friends, you will need to share your IP Address which can be dangerous in the wrong hands, so only share it with family members and close friends! The tricky part is setting up something called Port Forwarding, which opens up a connection with your router and Minecraft, allowing your family and friends to connect to the server.

4. Minecraft LAN Server

It is also possible to play Minecraft with friends using the same network connection which can be set up in less than five seconds. One player will need to create a new world or open up an existing world, once the player is in the world, they will need to open up the options screen and they will see a button called “Open to LAN” which they will need to press. Once the server is open to LAN, other players who are also connected to the same WiFi will need to search for the server using the Multiplayer option on the Minecraft homepage. You and your friends will only be able to play on the server as long as the player who owns the world is online, if they leave the world, everyone else will be kicked out of the world so bare that in mind!

5. Minecraft Splitscreen

Bedrock versions of Minecraft allow players to play Minecraft using a split-screen, which means up to 4 players can play using the same screen. This version of multiplayer is only available to console Minecrafters who own Minecraft on Xbox, Playstation, or Nintendo Switch.

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