10 Events in March. It’s a BIG month for STEM.

There’s LOADS going on in March! 

For starters, British Science Week runs 9-18 March with events happening across the UK. March’s main course offers you the Big Bang Fair, the UK’s biggest fair for young scientists and engineers, to sink your teeth into. And, as a palette cleanser, there are plenty of sensory exhibitions at Cambridge Science Festival that explore boundaries between science and art. And the best thing – THEY ALL OVERLAP. So pile up your plate and get stuck in.

If you feel overwhelmed by choice, below are some of our top picks.

DISCLAIMER: Due to the sheer number of events we have picked events from regions where we offer courses with the intention of connecting our current community with events in their area.

1. For young women thinking about careers in STEM there is a ‘speed mentoring’ event at the Southbank Centre. This is designed as an 18+ event that could be useful for any Fire Tech alumni who would like to speak to professionals in the industry.

March 8 celebrates International Women’s Day, a day that pushes for the gender parity by highlighting issues that inhibit women achieving their potential. The SouthBank Centre is hosting the Women of the World festival (WOW) from 7-11 March that features a variety of talks from global political movements to women in STEM. For all of our community, it is a fantastic opportunity to learn at a time when women’s issues are in the public eye.

2. Wearable Technology Show 13-14 March. When we think of wearable technology we assume this covers light up clothing or space suits. However, wearable tech covers anything from smart fabrics to VR headsets. Basically, any technology that you wear – the clue is in the name. But the show is even broader than this. Click here for more info.

3. Smart building; smart technology. Design as technology. In this hands-on workshop, discover how technology such as fibre optics and virtual reality are used to make structures function more efficiently.

There is much more on offer at Cambridge Science Festival, but we picked this to give you a taster of the magic. There are SO many exciting demos for children of 8 years onwards so we would strongly recommend having a browse for yourself.

4. As children we are always being told not to play with our food. Well…at The Gastronaut’s stage show at the Big Bang Fair, for one day in the annual calendar this rule can be broken…in a BIG way.

Not only does The Big Bang Fair offer the opportunity to catch stadium science shows, it also offers youngsters an insight into careers in STEM. With many industry leaders sponsoring the event, there are opportunities to talk to professionals who can help guide your child towards a career or further study that takes advantage of their STEM interests.

5. At Fire Tech we engage with future technologies. This event at UCL explores technology in food production, something societies will have to increasingly deal with to address the looming energy crisis.

6. To celebrate the bicentenary of Frankenstein (1818), the first ever science fiction novel by Mary Shelley, the Southbank Centre explores the grim comparisons between dystopian sci-fi literature and the world today.

7. This event in Bristol experiments with the fastest thing in the universe, light, by playing with a pinhole camera.

8. Bubbling potions, colour changing chemicals, pops, whizz, bang! Exploring Explosions in Alton, Manchester.

9. At Fire Tech we programme music using Ableton Live. But our programming uses visual aids. At the Big Band Fair, Sonic Pi go deeper and use coded language to make music. Here is an opportunity to see how code can be used in an unexpected way.

10. The Royal Institution is a hub for that connects people in science. It hosts interesting talks and 21 March has a feature on the ‘Electricity of Life’. This talk discusses how electricity works in our bodies and the implications for curing disease.

Satisfied? Or perhaps there is too much… Luckily these are annual festivals/events. So keep your eyes peeled for 2019.

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